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Bleach Black Cosmetic Bag - Starlight Bags
Bleach Black canvas Fabric Speckled Dye pattern
black canvas with splatter bleach dye
Bag style examples Gusseted and Rectangle

Bleach Black Cosmetic Bag

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Unique, handcrafted, modern zippered bag. Perfect for keeping all your items organized, such as makeup, toiletries, jewelry, art supplies, etc. Throw in your purse, gym bag or backpack.

THE FABRIC: Starlight Bags is all about unique textiles. Bleach is used to remove dye from a heavyweight, organic black canvas. The fabric is then set in the Southern California sunshine to lighten to the right shade of pale cream. The patterns created with this process often resemble the night sky. Due to the unique nature of the dying process all of the hand dyed fabrics are unique, so no two bags are alike! 

This Makeup Bag is available in two styles: RECTANGLE or GUSSETED. See the last photo for size and shape reference. 
- 8.5 inches long x 7 inches tall
- Soft organic linen cotton fabric
- YKK zipper 
- Cotton lining fabric
- Hidden layer of fleece stabilizer to add durability and help the bag keep its shape

Contact us for multiples, special requests or questions.